Cornea is the outer most layer of eye which can be affected with different condition and can eventually lead to blindness in some cases. This is the second most condition that is affecting the eye next only to the cataract around the world that causes blindness. There are disease conditions that can affect the cornea and cause blindness. The reported cases of corneal conditions include also the young age group hence it becomes even more important to focus on corneal treatment options, we at Harsha Sai Eye Hospital have been involved with this for years at stretch providing high class services to our patients.


Some of the corneal diseases are listed below

  • Keratoconus
  • Keratomalacia
  • Cogan syndrome
  • Bullous keratopathy
  • Herpes simplex keratitis
  • Interstitial keratitis
  • Superficial punctate keratitis
  • Corneal ulcer
  • Peripheral ulcerative keratitis
  • Herpes zoster ophthalmicus
  • Keratoconjunctivitis sicca
  • Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis


Some common conditions of the cornea can be caused by.


Corneal scratches that occur due to small injuries can heal by themselves if they are small but if the scar is big then the then this can lead to visual ailments.


Allergic conjunctivitis caused due to pollen making the eye red, itchy and watery can affect the cornea.


Infections that can be caused due to wearing of the contact lenses can cause Keratitis which is the inflammation of the cornea.

Dry eye

Caused due to lack of wetting of the eye this can be uncomfortable and may cause visual problems.

Corneal dystrophies

This conditions caused by cloudy buildups in the eye and this is material cloudy formations disturbs the vision and is usually run within the family as inherent condition.


Fungal infection, bacterial or viral infections that can cause keratitis.


Exposure to chemicals which are toxic in nature can also cause trauma to the eye and result in corneal conditions.

You may have a procedure called a laser peripheral iridotomy in which the doctor creates a small opening in your iris using a laser. This allows fluid (aqueous humor) to flow through it, relieving eye pressure.

Autoimmune conditions

Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and Wegener’s disease are autoimmune disorders that can cause corneal conditions.

Nutritional deficiency

Vitamin A deficiency


Some malignant cancerous on the surface of the eye.

Ectasia (thinning)

Thinning caused after refractive laser surgery which may result in keratoconus.


We at Harsha Sai Eye Hospital are in the corneal care and management and as such any form external or internal eye conditions ocular surface disorders including dry eye, anterior segment trauma, refractive surgery services and contact lens related eye problems. Other such conditions like Infectious keratitis, Keratoconus, Corneal dystrophies, ocular trauma, infectious keratitis, conditions like corneal ulcers, ocular conditions are other such eye diseases that are taken care at Harsha Sai Eye Hospital.


Basic Treatment

Basic treatment options include prescribing eye drops which can serve the purpose of treating Fuch’s dystrophy, lattice dystrophy and infection of the eye. These eyedrop contain antibiotic substances or antifungal substance. Other type of eyedrops are anti-inflammatory drops which have steroids in them. Prescriptions for eye ointments are also used to treat some conditions of the cornea.


Keratoconus condition of the cornea can be treated with crosslinking. This uses ultraviolet rays and delays the conditions and the corneal disease progression is stabilized.


Transplant of corneal is done by extracting the cornea out and replacing with a donated corneal. This is done to treat patient with keratoconus, lattice dystrophy and other conditions of the eye.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are an option for corneal conditions like keratoconus. Even corneal dystrophy can be treated with contact lenses. Keratoconus patients at early stage are prescribed to wear eyeglasses instead of contact lenses.

Laser Therapy

Excimer laser is used to treat dystrophy and infections with the hel of computer controlled laser. Keratectomy is also an option. The laser destroys the diseased tissue and then this tissue is replaced naturally.

Why Choose Us

  • Surgeries of the eye involving the cornea are as important as any of the other structure of the eye, these surgeries need to be performed under equipments and hands that are meant for these specific purpose and Harsha sai is equipped with these latest technology to perform these procedures.
  • Wavelight Ex500 Excimer System from Alcon for LASIK Vision Correction which Achieve outstanding visual outcomes with our integrated WaveLight®Technology.
  • Wavelight Topolyzer Vario Diagnostic Device this is a Precision measurements for personalized treatments
  • Oculyzer II – Wavelight - offering non-contact measurement and full analysis of the anterior eye segment. offering the best possible corneal imaging.
  • Moria Microkeratome also offers a gamut of features for LASIK.
  • All these equipments are from a well reputed brand like Alcon which never miss a thing so that the outcome is the best.
  • Leaders in cataract surgery as we are one of the early care providers in this field.
  • Latest technology adopted to ensure the best of the treatments.
  • Equipments with high-class feature.
  • Facility with all in-house care for before, during and after the procedures.
  • Most importantly qualified and experienced surgeons with staff having served and handled successful cataract procedures for any number of times.
  • Diagnostics for supplementing and assisting the surgeons to arrive at the most relevant and best treatment for the patient.

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